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Batfam Christmas Exchange 2013 - Hanging at the Clocktower

About Batfam Christmas Exchange 2013

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It's almost time for the Batfam Christmas fic and fanwork exchange! We're opening sign-ups a bit earlier this year so that hopefully we will have more participants and more time for writing and creating artwork!

Tentative 2013 schedule

Sign-ups open - October 1st

Sign-ups close - October 18th

Assignments sent out - October 21st

Assignments due - December 8th

Posting begins - December 12th

You can follow the exchange at batfam_exchange. We have also created a tumblr page for people who would rather follow the exchange on tumblr. It's at http://batfamexchange.tumblr.com/ Looking forward to some more lovely batfam fics and artwork!
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