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Fanfic: Changes (1/?) - Hanging at the Clocktower

About Fanfic: Changes (1/?)

Previous Entry Fanfic: Changes (1/?) Oct. 23rd, 2012 @ 01:19 pm Next Entry
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Title: Changes
Author: svchlollie
Fandom: Birds Of Prey
Pairings: None, at least for now.
Rating: R
Timeline: AU, Pre-Series
Disclaimer: I don't own anything. The characters, belong to their rightful owners.
Summary: 10 year old Dinah is thrown out, by the Redmond's, because of her dreams. She ends up in New Gotham, where Selena finds her, and takes her in.

Read Here, Fanfiction.net - Prologue
or LJ - Prologue [Friends Only]
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