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BOP fic: Beautiful (Barbara/Zatanna) - Hanging at the Clocktower

About BOP fic: Beautiful (Barbara/Zatanna)

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Title: Beautiful
Fandom: Birds of Prey
Rating: PG
Word Count: 1,986
Characters/Pairings: Barbara/Zatanna, Dinah, Helena, Zinda
Author's notes: Written for gulf_aid_now and based on Brave and the Bold 33, scans here. This fic is made possible by a generous grant from tokeloshe and readers like you.
Summary: A long time ago, Zatanna knew a horrible thing was going to happen to Barbara Gordon and did something about it. Was it enough?

"Zee, there are plenty of days where I would've thrown something at you for not uprooting heaven and earth to stop it from happening. But some things you can't stop. You just make peace with them and move on."
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